Treatment of peri-implantitis

Treatment of peri-implantitis and guided bone regeneration associated with autogenous bone: A case repor.

Dental implants have been considered important allies in the rehabilitation treatment of lost teeth, either in single-unit cases or in more complex rehabilitations. However, adverse outcomes may occur, for instance, peri-implantitis, which is an infectious disease similar to chronic periodontitis, afecting peri-implant tissues of which treatment aims at restoring health, as well as function and esthetics. Most treatments focus on reducing the microbiological burden of the peri-implant environment pocket by decontaminating the implant surface. In many cases, treatment of infection is followed by bone regeneration with fairly good results. Several treatment protocols have been suggested, however, little is yet known whether these therapies are able to lead to new osseointegration of implant.

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